Saturday, February 1, 2020

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Hey everybody,

This is not a typical post for me. I am like, an anti-controversial person, if that makes sense, and I know that there are people that I love so much that will not be okay with this post. Please know that this is not coming from a place of judgement, anger, or hate but of love and concern. I realize that this will seem offensive to many. I say that confidently because not long ago, I would have felt the same way. My thinking was so skewed because of the toxicity of the environment that I was living in that I was unable to see the truth. But the last 6 months have been an intense season of the Lord leading me through the beginnings of healing from the trauma of the last five years. That sounds dramatic so hear me out: when I say “the trauma of the last five years”, I’m not saying that the years I spent in ministry were a total waste or all bad. The environment was unhealthy, but the friends I made? An amazing blessing! The relationship and closeness that the Lord allowed me to develop with Him? Absolutely beautiful! The lessons that He’s taught me? So appreciated. But these are examples of good things God did in spite of man’s sin, selfishness, pride and bad intentions. Just because God did good things in the midst of so much bad doesn’t make it all right or good or even worth it. He allowed it to happen and is using it anyways, but I don’t believe that all the hurt that has happened was His sovereign plan. He allows man to have free will and still does good and kind things for those caught in the line of fire who truly have a pure heart to serve the Lord with all that they are.

I, along with many others, received a year end update letter from Potter’s Field Ministries, the ministry that most of you know I served with for five years. This letter was a painful reminder that the ministry that was supposed to close last summer amid dozens, if not more, allegations of abuse is continuing on, which opens up the opportunity for many, many more people to be hurt under the guise of service and ministry. I say all this to really say that, if you are supporting Potter’s Field Ministries- please know that they are not sharing the whole story. As far as I know, there has been no repentance or apologies made to the many, many victims and they are just going to keep hurting more if they have the opportunity to continue with their “ministry”. I am not wishing harm, in fact, my daily prayer is that the leadership would truly, truly come to experience the Lord and the abundant life that He offers. But I believe the fruit of this happening would be public repentance and meaningful apologies to all of those that have been hurt in the name of ministry for so long. God is good. His love is real. There are amazing ministries and churches that are doing true good for the Kingdom of God but it is my firm belief, because of the abuse that I’ve personally experienced, that Potter’s Field Ministries is not one of them and that the enemy is rejoicing that this ministry is continuing.

If you are supporting PFM and you have any questions, please message me. I would be glad to discuss them with you.

“Do not entertain an accusation against an elder unless it is brought by two or three witnesses. But those elders who are sinning you are to reprove before everyone, so that the others may take warning.”
1 Timothy 5:19-20 NIV

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  1. Makayla, you are so right! God sees all the harm they caused and He will NOT bless their work if they are continuing the harm. You can not do good with poor intentions or actions and expect the Lord to bless you. He will take care of them in His iwn way.
    Makayla keep standing up for what is right because God sees all your good you do. You are an amazing young lady and you will touch mamy, many hearts in your lufe as well as lead many to Christ! Keep up the great work!!!